Hello, my name is Harika!

And I’m a Senior Frontend Engineer at Viome.

How long have you been at Viome?

I have been at Viome for about 4 months now.

Why did you join Viome?

I joined Viome for two reasons:

  • The company’s mission — My goal was to work for a healthcare company that makes a huge impact on people’s lives and Viome’s mission - “making illness optional’’ is something that made me very curious about the company.
  • The team diversity — During my interviews, everyone I talked to were extremely friendly, and I’ve never been interviewed with such a diverse team ever before, which was pretty exciting.

What is your favorite part about working for Viome?

My favorite part about working at Viome is the ability to make an impact on the product & the processes quickly. Looking at some of the customers’ feedback on how the product is changing their lives is what motivates me to do a good job every day.

What does your collaboration with the Product & CX team look like?

The engineers are involved in the product decisions from early on and are always encouraged to provide any feedback or suggestions for improvement. The CX team is very proactive in sharing the customer’s feedback which drives me to be more empathetic towards the customer journey and make better engineering decisions.

What is something that you have learned about yourself since joining Viome?

The most surprising thing I learned after joining Viome is that ☕️ coffee is bad for my gut 😉.

Recommendations aside, I learned how fun it is to work for a fast paced startup where I have the ability to switch between projects(mobile app, web app or internal tools) on a weekly basis without any objections. I also learned so much about the gut bacteria and human body, thanks to the information that the scientists & researchers post on our Slack channels.

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